Top Resources to Learn New and Latest Things about Science

Top Resources about Science
Science is a subject of study that is based on nature and human beings due to which it involves changes on a daily basis. Advancement in technology is bringing new inventions and discoveries which add a new achievement in the history of science. So, science students must be aware of all the new and latest trends in science for securing good grades. Students can find plenty of information and news regarding scientific discoveries, modern inventions, new diseases and their cures, and much more. This article will provide a quick overview of some popular websites and resources for learning new and latest things about science.
  • New Scientist: This magazine is recommended by experts that provide service to buy dissertation online. It is a magazine that provides information about science and technology.
  • Welcome to the Universe: This is the bestseller book of New York Times which covers all that you might need to think about the universe. Planets, stars, matter and many more topics are portrayed in extraordinary detail, bolstered by adroit new exploration and revelations in astronomy.
  • The Brain: The Story of You: it is a book written by David Eagleman. In this book he has described the working of a brain.
  • Thames and Kosmos Electricity & Magnetism: It is a kind of a toy based learning which provides over sixty experiments that help parents to teach their kids different topics like electricity and magnetism.
  • Explosive Experiments: It is a toy based experiment kit which involves some explosive type fun experiments like volcano eruption or rocket launching.
  • Augmentifylt: It is an app which provides reality based quiz games for subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.
  • Trunkaroo: It is a scientific kit that helps children to do experiments.
  • Kurzgesagt: It is a website which explains tough topics in easier ways by forming a story about them.
  • Nutrition Facts: Another website that gives the latest information about nutrition. The unique feature about this website is that it is ad-free and cost you nothing.
  • Edheads: This website is popular for interactive learning. It has a wide collection of science related activities.
  • Curiosity Machine: If you want to learn about new trends and research about artificial intelligence then curiosity machine is the best website to visit.
  • Teachers Try Science: This website is designed to provide design-based learning. It provides the children problem solving strategies related to science.
  • Exploratorium: This website is designed to not help only parents but teachers and parents as well. It provides hands-on experience on almost all topics and fields of science.
  • Science Kids: This website provides learning of science based on interactive science games. This website provides practical knowledge and tries to cement its students' memory.
  • Brain POP: This website provides animations; movies and quizzes to help students better understand the concepts.
  • HHMI Biointeractive: This is an award-winning website. This website is based on 3d virtual labs and activities. You can also print the activities. It also includes videos and animations.
  • Annenberg Learner Interactives: This website covers the topics related to earth science. It contains collaborating lessons about the structure of the Earth.
  • National Geographic Kids: This website is owned by the most popular TV channel National Geographic so one can trust the content provided on it. This website provides different sections thus making the website more useful. Each section covers the detailed information about every topic.
  • PhET Interactive Simulations: PhET interactive simulation is a science website which is officially owned and run by the University of Boulder, Colorado. It provides information based on simulations.
  • Wonderville: Wonderville is an award winning website. This website promises to help both teachers and students. This website is used by teachers and students in 170 countries.
  • this is the most authentic website for getting the information regarding space as this website is officially owned and run by NASA.
  • Scitable: This website not only provides information about science but also contains blogs, group discussion and available jobs.
  • This website contains news, research and information about physical, biological, health and environmental sciences.
  • This website provides information on all fields of science. One drawback of this website is that all information is not provided free, you have to purchase some information.
  • This website covers all the topics and provides detailed information on each topic. The unique thing about this website is that it contains a complete scientific dictionary in a separate section as well.

If you love to search about and remain up to date about scientific knowledge, try the websites suggested above.
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