Survive Your First Day of Academic Life at University

If this is your first day of academic life at university, you must be feeling very apprehensive as you must have heard a lot of stories about what goes on in academic institutes in the first few days and even weeks. According to the experts of buy dissertation online, there are many students who actually fear going to a university because they have either watched too many movies on ragging that takes place during the first few days or they have heard horror stories about it. While some of it is certainly true, it is necessary to know that not all of this actually happens and how the way it is shown on TV and in the movies.

Students must understand that universities are the places of learning where they as well as hundreds and thousands of other students like them come to learn and with the passage of time, they come to regard the university as their second home. Just as in home kids behave mischievously and play, in the same way, students often behave in a funny manner in university but this does not mean that they intend to harm others or cause problems for them. There have been times when things certainly got out of hand but in most of the cases, the university administration and the staff are there to oversee things and make sure that no student is harmed in this fun and all the students cooperate with each other and become a family to make the environment a cordial and happy one. 

There is no need to worry if your first day of university is fast approaching as here is a guide to help you survive the first day of your academic life and to make things fun and easy for you. Read on to know what you can do to elevate your fears and look forward to enjoying this golden period of your life:

Dress well

The first and the most important thing to do in this regard is to make yourself presentable for the first day of the university; make sure you are dressed adequately in clothes that complement you and you look really well to make a good impression. Clothes not only help you look well but also boost your confidence when you know that you are looking smart and savvy. Others will also respect your good looks so make sure that you are ready to enter the university ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Feel confident 

Do not look as if you are on your way to a slaughter house by looking scared and downright frightened no matter how big the university is and how many people you see there. Some students who are up for pranks look out for students who actually look scary as if they are all alone in this big bad world and this gives them a chance to have fun at their expense. Do not look scared or all lost and you will be perfectly fine adjusting into this new place within a day or two. 

Make friends when you attend orientation

Orientation is held before the new session starts and all the new students are present; try to make friends with one or two students so that you do not feel all alone roaming around yourself in the big new campus. Exchange numbers, stay in touch and coordinate where you will meet up or how you will explore the new campus together and this will elevate your spirits and alleviate fears and give you a chance to mix in better and be a part of the crowd before long. 

Stay away from troublemakers

You can spot troublemakers from a distance with the way they behave; mostly its students sitting in crowds, dressed too flashy or trying to make a statement or by the way they are dealing with other new comers. It is all easy to spot after a round or two and it is best to stay away from such groups who are actually into ragging and would try to pick a fight or create some trouble. Keep your distance and try to make new friends with whom you share lectures and this will make things easy for you within no time. 

Surviving your first day of academic life at university might not seem to be easy but it is not so tough too. All you need to do is be prepared by looking your best and acting smartly and you will be able to actually enjoy the day making new friends and exploring your new place of learning. 

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