Is This True That Gender Discrimination Exists in UKs Top Universities?

Gender discrimination highlights the difference between men and women. In simple words, it shows unfair rights between male and female which are based on groups and radiates. Basically, gender discrimination refers to sexism and this term shows prejudice. Sexism affects the rights of everyone. Here, the professional writers of Essay Writing Services will discuss the reality of gender discrimination that exists in the UK's top universities.

The Problem Of Gender Discrimination

The problem of gender discrimination is prevailing in all around the world. It is gigantic challenge that most societies are facing. According to the United Nation Sustainable Development “gender discrimination is a worldwide problem affecting employment opportunities. We will not discuss gender equality; indeed, we should discuss the effects of these prevailing issues. This is a big issue that hides the rights of women and refers that women have no place in society. Actually, this statement has no reality, indeed, women are working equal to men. Women are playing a vital role in society. On the base of education, women should be supported; however, this most important aspect is neglected in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and British. Sexism should be finished form the society and women should be given equal right. 

Top Universities of UK’s and Gender Equality

Western Sydney University: This University is most famous and remarkable for its outstanding performance. This university was awarded for gender equality by the Federal Government‘s workplace. Federal Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency has held this title for the past 15 years. Gender discrimination exists in this university and it is known as sexual violence. The sexual violence has prevailed in all the campuses. An action plan against this university can improve gender discrimination. However, in this plan, the most important factor that we should highlight is the support of women right. They want to give equal right to the women staff and want to facilitate them all the rights. It has taken action against domestic violence that women have been facing for many decades. The rights of women are not neglected in the field of education; indeed, women are bearing brutality in any profession. For example, if we see in the field of medical then we can realize that women are playing an important role but in this profession they don’t have a strong position. Women are working as nurses and they are offering their duties day and night but unfortunately they are not getting good pay. 

Vrije Universities in Amsterdam

The group of women at Vrije Uviserity Amsterdam wants to improve the position of the female in the university. This group wants to promote the right of women and want to give them equal opportunities within the organization. Actually, gender discrimination is existing in all the top universities. Females of that university want to establish an organization that will highlight all the problems of the women that they face in their universities. 

University Of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg also shows that gender discrimination exists in modern society. According to the Gender Research, gender discrimination is an interdisciplinary branch that shows that women rights are neglected in modern society. In this centre, they will provide opportunities for the collaboration and dialogued connection that is not related. The University of Bologna also plans to record gender discrimination on annual base. The main aim of all these universities is to finish gender discrimination from modern society and give complete rights to women. They want to show that women are most important part of our society and their rights should not be neglected.

According to the higher education policy institute “take our sons to university day and take our daughters to work”. Basically, this statement is very critical, because, it shows gender discrimination in the UK’s universities. However, the National Union of students has criticized this statement and they said that it is very complex issue that should be discussed on high level. The student has called it “a battle of the sexes”. In the UK’s universities the gender discrimination is recorded 9.2 percent points that shows that women are not given high position in the society. Most professors think that gender discrimination is national scandal. 

Actually, gender discrimination can be removed from the universities if we include some lesson about this proper issue. Women should give a greater financial incentive for women in universities. Nowadays, top universities are playing an important role in order to break gender discrimination. In conclusion, we can say that gender discrimination is the reality but some groups are playing good role to stop it.

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