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With ever increasing technology and new means to communicate, people are coming closer and communication is becoming easier. Internet and social media have cut the distances and you can keep in touch with friends and family without having to spend a hefty amount on calls and travelling. Social media sites are a very convenient source to stay connected with your loved ones as well as PhD dissertation writing services. But there are far more advantages of some of these websites on a professional level.
There are actually pretty good websites and job portals which are serving and helping thousands of individuals on daily basis in getting hired. Some websites are helping in connecting with professional individuals and companies and providing networking opportunities to huge enterprises. Now, one can connect with their mentors and seniors and observe them closely and their circle and keep in touch and stay connected for future opportunities. You can create a proper profile where there are sections to fill in your educational background, job experiences, skills, places you would consider working, interests etc.

There are professional group discussions and other activities one can participate in to stay updated with the professional world. Moreover, the website recommends you new connections in consideration with the information available in your profile. Talking about the pros feels like answered wishes, but with pros, follows cons. Today, when you meet a stranger through work (usually) the first thing we do is check them out simple guidelines on a popular social media website. What we do is, we add people in our work on these social networks, relatives, friends and family. Just imagine you took a day off from work and went out with your family later in the day, and someone from your family tagged you in a cinema check-in post.

Even though you did not commit a crime by going to a movie later in the day, you do score some negative marks there. Another instance when you refuse to help someone due to some important work you have to do later in the day, or you add your CEO to your profile and one fine day you decide to leave early and by coincidence they happen to see your activities on the very day, this can cost you a great deal! One is actually risking his life when he adds their crushes, friends and family and later their colleagues and every other person in their social network and mixing these two sides is nothing but a gamble.

We need to keep out work away from social networking and which are why there are separate platforms for both the circles, may be helpful for you in writing a dissertation. Social networking with work people can have the exact opposite effects of the professional networking. This is one mistake we must avoid at any cost. You can’t say anything bad about your boss publically and most people will regret that. Having considered both pros and cons of social media and its effects on social and professional life, we have a clear idea of which things can prove to be harmful to our career in the long run, and they must be avoided at any cost.
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